As the Zulu Royal Monarch, I am delighted to send my message on this auspicious occasion being the Graduation Ceremony of Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I am unavailable to attend.

 My greetings to the organisers, Professors, Doctors and guests present. I am indeed grateful to the National Congregational School of Theology, Los Angeles Development Institute and The International Accreditation organisation for bestowing upon Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu with the honorary professor’s degree in Humanitarianism and Community Development, Honorary doctoral degree in Humanitarianism and Conflict Resolution and honorary master’s degree in Christian Religious studies. Mabheka Ishwar Ramlutchman has become instrumental in rebuilding fractured lives of the poorly served people. 

His contribution among the people comprises of numerous food, clothing, libraries, community halls, wheelchair distribution programmes, including the sponsorship of bursaries to the underprivileged children to emphasize the value of education. As a person who respects all religious faiths, Mabheka Zulu Ishwar Ramlutchman has done exemplary work by erecting many Temples and churches to promote culture and belief in spirituality. 

Skills development in the form of sewing machines, computers and farming implements which he provided to sustain the underprivileged. He has built low cost homes for destitute families, provided water and sanitation for the needy communities. All these comprise his humanitarian aid projects. Mabheka Zulu Ishwar Ramlutchman’s philanthropic demonstration has impacted on many communities. 

Although the gap between the affluent and the poor constantly widens in South Africa, Mabheka Zulu Ishwar Ramlutchman is never discouraged from raising quality of life of at least a few at a time. Ishwar Mabheka continues to forge lasting bonds between African and Indian communities in South Africa. This initiative has been validated by erecting specially designed Peace Pillars and monuments to promote peace, non-violence and unity in diversity at various key points throughout South Africa. 

Mabheka Zulu Ishwar Ramlutchman believes that unity is vital for a harmonious South Africa. The dictum that people of exceptional leadership, intellectual and spiritual power are ahead of their time rings true for Mabheka’s life’s journey we are celebrating. Indeed, over the years Mabheka has become an additional member of our family whom I always refer to as indodana yethu, our son. His commitment and promotion of social cohesion, nature conservation and respect for everyone’s cultural heritage and religion has earned him our respect. Through my adoption of Ishwar Ramlutchman, I gave him a name of Mabheka Zulu.

 The adoption of dedicated and diligent subjects in the Zulu Kingdom was always done by my predecessors: Kings Shaka, Cetshwayo and Dinuzulu, to name a few. The name Mabheka means the one who cares for my people. This was done after his heroic dedication and achievements in serving the poorest of the poor in the Kingdom of the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. 

Mabheka Zulu Ishwar Ramlutchman has also initiated a very successful Diwali [the Festival of Light] Celebration which take place every year at the Royal palaces. This is the concrete way of bringing about social cohesion in South Africa and the unity between the Zulus and Indians, bearing in mind that the majority of Indians live in the Province of the Kingdom of KwaZulu-Natal. Mabheka has championed my call to a lasting and peaceful society by ensuring social cohesion is practically demonstrated throughout his life’s journey. 

I am an admirer of Mabheka Ishwar Ramlutchman’s humanitarian work. His humanitarian work amongst all races has earned him much respect from members of the Zulu Royal Household. Mabheka Ishwar’s full acceptance by the African.

demonstrated by his receipt of a gift of set of Zulu traditional attire, complete with shield and spear from the Zulu monarch. He proudly wears this Zulu traditional attire during Zulu traditional celebrations and occasions organized by the Zulu monarch. Through this association Mabheka Zulu Ishwar has completely identified with all the Zulu people.

He was the first Indian to be adopted by the Zulu Royal Monarch and be appointed as a trustee of the Royal Household Trust. Mabheka Zulu Ishwar Ramlutchman at such a young age has done so much in serving the poorest of the poor. Today we are filled with joy and pride to see Mabheka continue to serve the people of South Africa. By his concrete action of promoting peace and stability in our country clearly indicates that his heart is only for the betterment of our people. I often say that he is a new model with a high mileage. 

Figuratively speaking, a hero and a man of many hats. Mabheka Ishwar is able to juggle all these different aspects of life successfully. A portfolio of his achievements makes it evident that Mabheka Ishwar is indeed a man who creates a great legacy for all South Africans. Four generations later, Ishwar Ramlutchman a descendant of an Indentured labourer was born. His early life closely mirrored the struggles and difficulties of his ancestors, through sheer hard work, perseverance, friendship, good business skills, managed to establish a lucrative enterprise that grew from strength to strength. Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka chose to live an ordinary life and help the less fortunate people. 

For any family having a child is a Gift from God. It is more so when that child becomes a gift to the whole community. Such has been Mabheka’s journey in life. Like many of his generation he was born into poverty, in a confused country where the colour of the skin was a source of oppression and discrimination. He was born under a system of apartheid, which was not designed to uplift the majority of the country’s citizens, hence it was ruled by the United Nations as a crime against humanity. 

Not withstanding all these challenges in his own space, Mabheka refused to be defined by his past. Mabheka refused to be grouped as an Indian who should inter-act or help only his community. Through his actions he denounced two great evils, which has been a menace in society in general. These two evils are hatred and ignorance. 

We are proud to see Mabheka joins the regiments and amabutho during our various cultural ceremonies. To the hundreds of regiments Mabheka is not an Indian but as they call him “umfowethu or insizwa enye” which is a great affirmation that he is one of them. I have declared until eternity, Mabheka will be a full member of the Izinyosi regiment in my Kingdom. 

The one thing that unites Indian Diaspora is the strong ties between India and South Africa, a link Ishwar Mabheka constantly enhances to ensure that Indians in South Africa and India have opportunity to work together. Ishwar Mabheka has played a significant role in terms of strengthening business and cultural relation between the two countries. He has brought leading Indian musicians from India to South Africa, contributing to the development of Arts and Culture

Mabheka Ishwar is a man with ties to his Motherland India and a son of KwaZulu Natal. He has helped the African and Indian communities both in South Africa and India to share in each other’s experiences and embrace each other resulting in lasting friendships and relationship. Mabheka have set an example for all young people in our country and I wish he continue with his exemplary leadership throughout his life’s journey. Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu a true humanitarian sent by God. I am overwhelmed to have come across a humble servant of God during my lifetime.

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