Not entirely satisfied with her knowledge in the language, Rampersad completed an honours degree and studied towards her master’s degree in isiZulu, which was all the more reason to share her wealth of knowledge with others via a guide book.

Maashi Rampersad receiving a gift from Prince Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu,guest of honour at the launch of her debut book, entitled, ‘Your basic isiZulu guide to the Kingdom of the Zulu’.

After embarking on her undergraduate studies more than 20 years ago, Maashi Rampersad’s yearning to learn and her love for the language of isiZulu inspired her to choose it as a major subject at university.

All these years later, Rampersad decided to pen the ultimate guide for tourists and fellow South Africans, who also have the passion and zeal to take that first step in learning the native KwaZulu-Natal language.

‘Your basic isiZulu Guide to the Kingdom of the Zulu’ is a project she started almost a year ago and was inspired by the rich cultural heritage that the province has to offer its inhabitants, as well as people visiting from all over the world.

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