THE leader of the Nazareth Baptist Church, Ebuhleni faction, Inkosi Mduduzi ‘Nyazilwezulu’ Shembe visited Ishwar ‘Prince Mabheka Zulu’ Ramlutchman in Empangeni on Tuesday for the annual Interfaith Peace Prayer.

Many church members attended the ceremony, performing hymns, engaging in talks and practising traditional dances at Ramlutchman’s office building.

‘We have hosted this historic prayer day for the past seven years and I would like to thank Baba Shembe for giving us his time to be with us.

’Reverend Mjadu of the Nazareth Baptist Church expressed his thanks to Ramlutchman for embracing Shembe and the church.

This event was historic as it was the first prayer meeting hosted by Ramlutchan that Shembe, who is of Hindu faith, has attended.‘This is an important event as it highlighted the coming together of multiple cultures,’ said Reverend Mjadu.

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