THERE was great celebrations in Matshana last week when Zululand philanthropist Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu officially handed over the keys of a new home to Gogo Mkhize and her family.Through his charity organisation, the Sivananda World Peace Foundation, Ramlutchman has made available five houses for vulnerable and destitute families in the region during 2019.

Through local television network, 1KZN TV , the businessman and humanitarian was alerted to the poor living conditions of the Mkhize family outside Empangeni

‘As we advance in life, we want our people to develop and live in healthy environments where they will not only just survive, but thrive

‘The children living in this home are our future leaders and we will be failing in our duties as citizens if we do not help the less fortunate in the community,’ said Ramlutchman.

‘This year the foundation remained committed to reach out to communities and help build homes for families in need.

‘It is sad to see that even after years of democracy there are so many people living without basic services and proper housing.

‘It is not only government’s responsibility. Every business and individual should contribute to support the poor in our communities.

‘We were happy to have unveiled homes to families in Mzingazi, Port Durnford, Macekane, Matshana and Ongoye.An excited Gogo Mkhize, who lives with her children and survives on grants, said her family were living in terrible conditions before Ramlutchman generously built her family a beautiful new home. 

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