It is a great honour and privilege for me to be here at this function today.Education starts the day you are born and ends the day you leave your mortal coil. There are three people who guide you. God, teachers and parents!It is therefore very important to have a good relationship between parents and teachers and I therefore urge all you parents seated here to ensure that there is always good communication between the school and yourself. Education should be like an unbroken triangle between the learner, the parent and the school.But more especially my message today is  that hard work, dedication, and perseverance should be your goals, so that you too can be successful next year. It is extremely important for all you learners to respect, appreciate and be grateful for what your parents and teachers do for you.I must also stress to the learners, educators and parents about the forces, which threaten to disrupt our education. Those who follow the news must have read of the problems of violence and lawlessness, which are plaguing some of our schools. Some schools have turned into havens for drug abuse. Some learners come to school armed with dangerous weapons such as guns and knives and learners have lost their lives at the hands of their schoolmates. Likewise, criminals from outside invade schools and rob both teachers and learners with impunity. In some cases, school buildings and facilities, which cost thousands of rands, have been vandalized or stolen by the very people, for whose development they are meant.What does all this tells us? It tells us very clearly that there is something seriously wrong with society. Humanity has lost all sense of ubuntu and morality. It is within this context that I wish to plead with the learners, not to succumb to any form of evil. Say no to drugs and dangerous weapons. You must move forward as one united front to root our drug-trafficking, guns, rapes and all forms of evil from our schools. Let us reclaim our schools as a center of learning, excellence and discipline. If you allow criminals to destroy your future by disrupting education, you may then resign yourself to forever being unskilled servants and workers who will remain at the bottom of the ladder of progress with no hope whatsoever to climb to the top.

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