THE Richards Bay businessman believes a unified Indian approach alongside African compatriots and partners here and across the 54-nation continental bloc, and, especially, the blue ocean economy and eco-tourism hubs of the Indian Ocean Rim countries, will pave the new route for meaningful economic growth, social growth and political stability, to take root into thriving businesses and intra-trading.“As Gopio International, we cannot proceed into the future in a vacuum. While not diluting our core values, we have to become more pro-active in engaging the economic sector, government and civil society to ensure that the economic cake is evenly spread among socially and economically marginalised communities,” he said.“This business gathering of like-minded people and patriots must provide the stimulus needed to combat one-sided globalisation, unequal economy, junk status of developmental democracies and countries battling sagging economies, burdensome debts, high joblessness and poverty.” 

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