Sivananda World Peace Foundation member and Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) coordinator Ishwar Ramlutchman with Richards Bay digital art undergraduate Yashna Balwarnth. Promoting Indian theatre and art in a fashion attractive to all, the Sivananda World Peace Foundation in partnership with the Consulate Genera; of India, launched an exhibition on ‘Monuments of India and Cinema’ last week. Hosted at the Empangeni Art, Culture and History Museum, GOPIO coordinator Ishwar Ramlutchman is determined to provide a platform to narrate and preserve not only Indian history and art, but also Zulu culture.

‘This exhibition aims to bring culture and heritage to our region.
A lot of this exposure is promoted in Durban, despite Zululand having one of the biggest India communities. Many dream of traveling to India and cannot afford to, so this platform allows you to experience that journey right in your own backyard,” said Ramlutchman.

The booming Bollywood film industry has placed India on the map in respect of cinematic art and photography and the Empangeni exhibition, in commemoration of this, aims to honour and continue the work of talented Indian artists, producers, directors and screenwriters. ‘History can never be erased and Indian culture brings a uniquely different aspect to art. In a few months, we plan to host an Indian film festival, ‘ added Ramlutchman.

St. Catherine’s matric pupils were invited to appreciate and comprehend Indian heritage. Contemporary Indian cinema is the largest form of entertainment in India. To teach younger generations in an exciting and relatable manner is what we are aiming towards. ‘There have been cultural links between India and South Africa for eons and this is an effort to strengthen those links,’ said Consulate General of India, Shri R. Raghunathan.

Cultural and educational activities of dance, music and crafts to grow, inspire and conserve this matchless fusion of Indian and Zulu culture is what i anticipate for the future of this partnership Indian Exhibition in Zululand 

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